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Intro to Arch Linux

23 February 2018

Learn about the Arch Linux community and installation process! Kyle Suero guides RITlug through a basic Arch installation.

FOSS and an open internet

16 February 2018

As technologists involved with FOSS, we have a responsibility to the Internet. Nate Levesque visits RITlug to talk about net neutrality: from the way we got to where we are today and how you can...

Freedom From State - An Intro to Haskell

10 November 2017

Haskell is a purely functional programming language, much different than C or Java. But what is purity, and why does it matter? What does Haskell actually offer for building software? And what i...

Overview of Distributed Computing

03 November 2017

Get an overview of distributed computing, such as virtualization and containers, how we use them, and why.

Women in Open Source and Computer Technology

20 October 2017

Last May, Red Hat and the open source community honored two exceptional women, Avni Khatri and Jigyasa Grover for the “Women in Open Source” award. This week, the RIT Linux User’s Group (RITlug)...

Run a Minecraft server using Spigot

15 October 2017

Creepers and skeletons got you down this October? Or maybe you’re anticipating the endless Minecraft costumes by the kids of the world on Halloween? What about how the official RIT Minecraft ser...

Save the world with LetsEncrypt and free encryption

29 September 2017

Are your dreams haunted by a world without encryption? Do you envision a world of madness without HTTPS? RITlug has the answer to put away your nightmares.

Join us today, Friday, Sept. 2...

Spring 2017- Ansible and YADM

22 April 2017

Automation is awesome, especially when it can be done locally. Here is mine for setting up a freshly installed system.

The RITLUG Cloud Infrastructure

22 March 2017

RITLUG has a cloud! Here is what it is, what it can do, and how you can use it.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

17 February 2017

Windows 10 has a bash shell!? What is this witchcraft black magic and why should we care? Here is an explanation.

Spring 2017- Backups

01 February 2017

In light of the recent failure of git hosting service GitLab’s backups here is why backups are important and how you can do them effectively.

Fall 2016 - Open Source 101

02 December 2016

RITlug is proud to present our final presentation for the Fall 2016 semester: Open Source 101! This meeting covered various aspects of open source, including a brief introduction, coverage of co...

Fall 2016 - Introducing a LAMP stack

28 October 2016

RITlug is proud to present our keynote on everything you ever wanted to know about lamps. From picking the right type of stand, a light bulb of the right wattage, and interior decorating design,...

Fall 2016 - Security-Enhanced Linux

14 October 2016

This presentation provides a quick overview of Security-Enhanced Linux (or SELinux.) It explains contexts, roles, and domains and where SELinux is commonly used in a Linux environment.

Fall 2016 - Introduction to Linux

30 September 2016

This presentation provides a quick overview of the history of Linux, what exactly Linux even is, and what all the hype is. It also provides a light introduction to the concept of distributions a...

Fall 2016 - Welcome to RITlug!

02 September 2016

Welcome to another year of the RIT Linux Users Group, fall 2016 edition!

This presentation provides a quick overview of the club, who’s running the show, some of the things RITlug has do...

Encrypt ALL the things with LetsEncrypt

06 May 2016

This talk covers a hot topic in the system administration world (and even more than just sysadmin): LetsEncrypt! If you haven’t heard about LetsEncrypt, it is free and open source software that ...

GPG (GNU Privacy Guard)

29 April 2016

This presentation looks at what GPG (a.k.a. PGP) is and why it’s useful, walks you through creating your own GPG key, and the keysigning process.

Run a Minecraft server using Spigot

22 April 2016

This talk goes over creating a Minecraft server using the open source Spigot server software. It shows how to compile Spigot, set up an environment on a remote server, and configuring and settin...

Cool Linux Services

08 April 2016

A quick rundown of some of the cool and useful services available in Linux and where you can get them (if not your package manager).

This includes media server software such as:

Linux April Fools Pranks

01 April 2016

In line with RITlug meeting on April Fools Day, this presentation discusses a collection of fun programs, creative shell settings, and other system mischief.

RITlug recommends exercising...

How Linux is Organized

18 March 2016

A breakdown of how the Linux filesystem is organized. What’s in “/” and how to find your way around it.

Additionally, some of the more interesting things about /dev, /proc, and how to do...

Tmux and Screen

11 March 2016

Multitask with a single command line using Tmux and Screen!

Basic Tmux and Screen usage including:

  • Basic key commands
  • How to get out of a nested session (tmux ...

Scripting and Automation

04 March 2016

An overview of scripting and automation in Linux, including:

  • Brief intro to the terminal
  • Quick intro to shell scripting
  • Breakdown of a real-world shell scri...

Setting up a LAMP Server

26 February 2016

An overview of what a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) server is and the basics of setting one up. Additional touches on alternate technology options such as NGINX and PostgreSQL and a summa...

Package Managers

19 February 2016

An overview of what package managers are and some of the problems they solve, as well as quick overviews of some of the available package managers and related tools (e.g. apt and dpkg).

Virtualization and Containerization

12 February 2016

An overview of virtualization and containerization technologies in Linux.

  • What containerization and virtualization are
  • Terminology
  • More details on VirtualBo...

Never leave IRC again with ZNC

05 February 2016

Learn how to use ZNC, an open source IRC bouncer (i.e. proxy) to stay connected to IRC networks

Spring 2016 Welcome to RITlug

29 January 2016

Welcome to RITlug spring semester 2016!

This presentation provides a quick overview of the club, some of the things RITlug has done in the past, and involvement opportunities.

Overview of Desktop Environments

29 January 2016

A brief overview of what a desktop environment is, some of the options for desktop environments in Linux, and some general information about the benefits of Linux.

LiveCD Customization

20 November 2015
  • Do you think that the Ubuntu/Arch/Debian/Fedora default programs and settings are wrong? You can take a base system and customize it to your liking!
  • Create your own Ubuntu spi...

ReactJS and Flux, NodeJS

06 November 2015

Web Application Development with ReactJS and Flux


30 October 2015

Brief introduction to Linux filesystems.

Covers the basics of filesystems and some high level features of

  • Btrfs
  • Ext4
  • ZFS

Pimp Your Shell

23 October 2015

Customizing your Linux shell.

  • Why people customize their shell
  • Basics
  • Aliasing commands
  • Writing your own functions
  • Customizing your pr...

Pimp Your Linux

16 October 2015

Customizing your Linux desktop.

  • What on your desktop can be customized
  • Sample desktop customizations
  • Conky
  • Compton
  • LXAppearance
  • ...

Contributing to Github Projects

09 October 2015
  • Hacktoberfest 2015
  • What is Open Source
  • Where to find projects
  • What is Github
  • Typical Github Workflow
  • How to contribute to a project...

Packaging Applications for ArchLinux

25 September 2015

Packaging Applications for ArchLinux

  • How to install a simple application manually
  • What packages are
  • How to package for ArchLinux (writing the PKGBUILD)
  • ...

Editing with Ed

25 September 2015

An introductory guide to the standard text editor.


20 February 2015

Gentoo slides, covering the basics of:

  • What is Gentoo?
  • What is different about it?
  • Who uses it?
  • But why?

i3 Tiling Window Manager

13 February 2015

Presentation covering the i3 tiling window manager, including:

  • What is a Window Manager?
  • Desktop Environments
  • Types of Window Managers
  • Why should...