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Active 2018 - Contributors: Mark Repka (@repkam09, original author), Justin W. Flory (@jwf, current maintainer), Seth Hendrick (@xforever1313), Nate Levesque (@thenaterhood), and others


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NodeJS implementation of a Telegram <=> IRC bridge for use with any IRC channel and Telegram group


TeleIRC bridges communication between a Telegram group and an IRC channel. The project is a lightweight NodeJS application.

This bot was originally written for RITlug and our own Telegram group and IRC channel. Today, it is used by various communities all over the world.

Live demo

A public Telegram supergroup and IRC channel (on freenode) are available for you to test. Our (small) development community is also found in these channels too.

Who uses TeleIRC?

See what projects and communities use TeleIRC.

Who uses TeleIRC?


See the project documentation for help installing and using TeleIRC.


TeleIRC is provided under the MIT License. If you’re hacking on TeleIRC, please submit improvements back upstream!