Rochester Maker Faire 2018

17 November 2018 - Jeffery Russell (@Jrtechs)

RITlug presents club projects at the Rochester Maker Faire.

This year at the Maker Faire we presented musical floppy drives, a Lakka gaming set up, our Magic Mirror and Tiger OS. The the musical floppy drives plays MIDI music by using an Arduino board to control the stepper motors of 10 floppy drives. The Lakka project is very similar to RetroPie in that it is a game emulator distribution tailored for the Raspberry Pi. The Magic Mirror is an open source smart mirror which runs on the Raspberry Pi. Finally, TigerOS is our custom linux distribution based on Fedora which tailors to the needs of RIT students.

FOSS@MAGIC’s table was in close proximity to us this year. This year FOSS@MAGIC presented their fancy MAGIC letters, a Magic Mirror and their organization’s website.

This event was a large success for both RITlug and FOSS@MAGIC. Tons of people stopped at our booths and asked amazing questions. We are all eagerly looking forward to next year’s Maker Faire.

Rochester Maker Faire