Week #7: Open@RIT Research

Ben Goldberg - 08 October 2021

Hello LUGers, this week Olivia Gallucci will be giving a presentation on work she did with Open@RIT that she describes as follows:

The presentation is on research for Open@RIT I did last semester. The goal of my research was to (1) document the history of open source projects and their outcomes, (2) show how faculty and students can build off of past research using the current work in Zotero (3) instruct students and faculty about how to make their projects open source, and how they can get help from Open@RIT.

As a computing security student, I focus on open security, and how students can request help and or funding for projects through Open@RIT.

Hope to see you there!

Event Details

Fri, Oct. 08, 2021
04:30pm - 06:00pm
GOL-2620 (Medium DB Lab)

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