Week #3: Mobile & Wearable Linux

Jake Zaia - 10 September 2021

Hello RITLUGers! Welcome to week three! This week we’ll be doing a talk on mobile & wearable Linux. Come on by to learn more about custom Android ROMs, the /e/ project, various devices by Pine64, and more! See you at our usual time and place: GOL-2620, at 4:30.

Just a reminder, we’ve created some forms for y’all to submit your ideas. If you have a suggestion for a talk you’d like to see, please go to suggest.ritlug.com and tell us about it. If you’d like to do a talk yourself, please go to present.ritlug.com and submit you idea so we can get you slotted in.

See you all on Friday!

Event Details

Fri, Sep. 10, 2021
04:30pm - 06:00pm
GOL-2620 (Medium DB Lab)

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