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Week #14: Final Meeting

Jeffery Russell - 20 November 2020

Hey RITluggers,

This week will be our last meeting of the semester. With finals right around the corner, we are taking this week easy: we plan on playing Among Us.

This Fall is my last semester at RIT, and I just wanted to mention how much I will miss RITlug after I graduate. RITlug has been a fantastic community of open-minded individuals looking to use Linux and improve open source at large. However, I’m not gone for good; I’ll still be on the mailing list and lurking in the discord and IRC, so feel free to ping me with any questions and general shenanigans.

Hope to see you all this week,

Jeffery Russell (@jrtechs)
Local Linux Llama
Elf On the Shelf
End of Semester Eulogizer

What is RITlug?

RITlug is a student-led organization to promote and teach students about Linux & open source. We work on projects and discuss interesting topics in the Linux & open source communities. The best way to communicate is in the Discord #general channel

Event Details

Fri, Nov. 20, 2020
04:30pm - 06:00pm

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