Week #7: Intro to Git

Tim Zabel - 01 October 2020

Hey RITlug,

Welcome to Hacktober! This month is all about open source and projects. To get in the spirit of Hacktoberfest, this week’s meeting is going to be an introduction to git. Here, we will cover the basics needed to get up and running, as well as providing an interactive demo at the end!

Additionally, RITlug will be creating an open source Discord bot in the spirit of October. The bot will be written in Go, and we will be hosting weekly meetings throughout the month. Please choose an initial meeting time so we can get started as quickly as possible!

See you there,

RITlug Eboard

What is RITlug?

RITlug is a student-led organization to promote and teach students about Linux & open source. We work on projects and discuss interesting topics in the Linux & open source communities. The best way to communicate is in the Discord #general channel

Event Details

Thu, Oct. 01, 2020
04:30pm - 06:00pm

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