Week #8: Data Privacy

Jeffery Russell (@jrtechs) - 06 March 2020

Howdy RITluggers!

This week Sergio Zygmunt will be visiting us to give a talk on privacy and security. If you are interested in learning about how companies track and use your information this is a great talk to catch.

We are in the process of booting up a project for Imagine RIT where we are implementing the IP stack over semaphore flags. If that sounds interesting to you, talk to an eboard member during the meeting or drop in the #semaphore channel on slack.

If you are interested in some RITlug swag, please fill out this interest survey.

Hope to see you all this week,

What is RITlug?

RITlug is a student-led organization to promote and teach students about Linux & open source. We work on projects and discuss interesting topics in the Linux & open source communities. The best way to communicate is in the Slack #general channel, although for general open source discussion there’s more activity in the #foss channel.

Event Details

Fri, Mar. 06, 2020
04:30pm - 06:00pm
GOL-2620 (Med. DB Lab)

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