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Week #14: ImagineRIT Demos

Tim Zabel (@Tjzabel) - 26 April 2019

Hey RITlug!

This week’s meeting will be the last meeting for the remainder of this spring semester. On Friday, we will be giving a demo of all the projects we will be displaying the following day at RIT’s annual ImagineRIT festival. If you’d like to see what RITlug is planning to show off, or are interested in what projects RITlug has been working on, stop on by!

Furthermore, thank you everyone who came out to Sticky Lips for our semesterly FOSS Family Dinner!

See you all soon,

  • Tim Zabel (Tjzabel)


Event Details

Fri, Apr. 26, 2019
04:00pm - 06:00pm
GOL-2650 (Lg. DB Lab)

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