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Week #10: All the Programming Languages

Jeffery Russell (@jrtechs) - 29 March 2019

Hey RITluggers!

This week we have a mash-up of a few different programming language presentations. We will be talking about everything from Haskell to R so be sure to swing by.

Nominations for next year’s eboard are now open. We currently need to fill positions for Treasurer and Secretary since Josh and Ian are graduating this year. In addition to those positions, we are looking for more people to join our eboard as officers so we can do more stuff with projects and outreach. If you are interested in running, you can fill out this form to enter the race. Feel free to ask Tim or myself about any questions you may have regarding elections and running.

Imagine RIT is coming up next month and we are looking for people to help us present. If you are interested, talk to an eboard member sometime this week so we can add you as an exhibitor.

Looking forward to seeing you all this week,

–Jeffery Russell (@jrtechs)


Event Details

Fri, Mar. 29, 2019
04:00pm - 06:00pm
GOL-2650 (Lg. DB Lab)

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