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Week #14: Retro Gaming Night

Jeffery Russell (@jrtechs) - 05 December 2018

Hey RITluggers,

It’s Week 14. It’s the last week of classes and the last week of RITlug this semester. We know many of you are prepping for finals and getting ready for the final stretch. We thought that a casual gaming night would be a nice way to end the semester and enter finals week.

Do you have GameCube games or another retro console lying around? Let me know if you have something you want to bring, and EBoard will try to find a way to set it up in the lab. I believe that currently we have some people bringing a GameCube, a Nintendo Switch, and a Retro Pi.

Keep on keepin’ on,

  • Jeffery Russell (@jrtechs)

Event Details

Fri, Dec. 07, 2018
04:00pm - 06:00pm
GOL-2650 (Lg. DB Lab)

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