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Docker and Containers

Ian Flournoy (@icflournoy) - 18 October 2018

Hey RITluggers,

With week 8 coming to a close it’s time to learn about containing applications!

This week’s presentation will focus on Docker and the general concept of containers. If you’ve ever wondered what benefits containerization provides over virtualization, prepare to be amazed at tomorrow’s meeting.

I hope you’re excited! I know I can’t contain myself.

  • Ian (@icflournoy)

P.S. RITlug will be hosting a collaborative coding meetup on Saturday, October 27th in Java Wally’s (first floor of the Library) from 1pm to 3pm. For those of you working towards Hacktoberfest this is a great time to get contributions in!

Event Details

Fri, Oct. 19, 2018
04:00pm - 06:00pm
GOL-2650 (Lg. DB Lab)

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