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Ace your interviews and get the offer

Justin W. Flory (@jwf / @jflory7) - 07 October 2018

Hello RITlug! This email has some helpful tools and tips for you to rock your interviews and help you get the offers you want. These are some of the things we discussed in our Sept. 28 meeting.

Tech Interview Handbook

Meet Yangshun Tay’s Tech Interview Handbook. The handbook includes carefully curated content to help you ace your next technical interview, with a focus on algorithms. System design questions are in-progress. Besides the usual algorithm questions, other awesome stuff includes:

All in all, this is helpful set of resources. Definitely check it out!


Exercism is not as sinister as it may sound – it is a cool way to practice and work on your coding.

Level up your programming skills with 2,571 exercises across 47 languages, and insightful discussion with our dedicated team of welcoming mentors.

You can brush up, work on picking up new skills, and get feedback from real people on your progress. It’s another great way to prep and prepare for technical interviews.

Get free mock interviews on by industry professionals who want to help you succeed! Take a practice interview with employees from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb, Twitter and more. Get actionable feedback, get awesome at interviewing, get fast-tracked at top companies.

I have not personally used this one, but I have friends who have good success with using it.


Don’t go in blind to your interviews. Get informed with data on Glassdoor before your next interview. Glassdoor is a company review and evaluation service. It provides data, statistics, and reviews of companies by real employees. You can get salaries at a glance, learn about the best parts (and the worst parts) of working at a company. It’s a great way for you to think of questions you actually want to know.

Register with an .edu email address and you will get full access to all reviews and data for free. Check out Glassdoor for Students for more info.

Good luck!

I hope these resources are helpful as you get ready for your co-op or full-time position interviews. These resources have helped me countless times and I hope they will also help you.

As a gentle reminder, RITlug will be back this coming Friday with a Hacktoberfest-themed meeting. Stay tuned for more information in a future email.

  • Justin W. Flory (jwf / jflory7)