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Getting ready for Fall 2017

20 August 2017

Hey RITluggers!

Ahh, August… summer vacations slowly wind to a close and our internships end with our final git commits. The summer has flown by, and in hardly another week, classes will be picking up again for the fall 2017 semester!

Even if your emails from us have been few, a lot of exciting things have been happening with RITlug this summer. We’re looking forward to having you all back for another semester of learning, cool projects, and a little bit of open source magic. There’s more exciting news that we’ll send out in a later email or discuss in a meeting, but for our current club members, this is an early, inside peek to what’s coming up!

What’s up in RITlug?

One of the new changes for this coming semester is that all of our club planning and organization is happening on GitHub! We’re using a special GitHub repo as a “real life” issue tracker to keep on top of what we’re doing, what we want to do, or other things that we’re trying to put together. While the Eboard is using the most, it’s public for a reason! You all are welcome to take a peek to see what’s up and also chime in on anything you see that’s interesting. You can find it here:

Feel free to check it out if you’re interested to see what’s on the horizon.

Tiger Activities Gala (i.e. Club Fair)

RIT renamed the club fair for incoming freshman to the Tiger Activities Gala. This year, it’s taking place on Saturday, August 26th, 2017 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Currently, me and Aidan Kahrs will be manning the table during the event. But we’re looking for club members who are going to be in Rochester this Saturday and have an hour (or more) to spare to hang out with us at the table and say hello to new freshmen. If you’re free, we’d love to have you for whatever time you can spare.

If you’re interested in this, please drop a line in our GitHub issue for the event:

To emphasize, even if you just have 30 minutes, it would still be awesome to have you hang out with us! :)

For those of you familiar with The Link, RIT has deprecated it in favor of a new platform. We’re still figuring this out, and it will likely be something we dig into more once we’re on campus. But if you’re used to using The Link for anything, keep in mind it is either about to be / is already blown away.

First meeting!

Finally, as an early reminder, you’re all invited to join fellow RITluggers and any new folks at our first meeting of the semester on Friday, September 1st from 4:00pm to 6:00pm! Depending on what attendance is like, we can look at adjusting the meeting time later, but for now, we’re following the same routines.

We hope to see you there as we kick off the semester! Aidan and I will be out of town for the first week of classes (d’oh), but Solomon Rubin and Taylor Bowling will be there to help kick things off. If we don’t see you at the club fair, Aidan and I will see you in the second week. :)

Come say hello to us!

RITlug is in a variety of places, but the best way to keep in touch with the community is via the Telegram group and/or IRC channel. The bridge between the two keeps the chats synchronized. Conversations are active daily and there’s all kinds of interesting discussion happening on a wide variety of topics, from Linux to software to co-op advice to random topics. You can also find us on Facebook as well (but not much is happening there!).

  • Website:
  • Telegram:
  • IRC:
  • Facebook:

If you join, make sure to say hello and let us know you’re here!

To make sure you’re in the loop with what’s happening with RITlug, make sure you’re a member of our mailing list. This is the best way to receive future updates on what we’re up to and where you can find us.!forum/ritlug-announce

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, and safe travels to Rochester! Feel free to reach out if you have comments, questions, or concerns. And as always… keep the FOSS flag high!


  • Justin W. Flory (jflory7 / jwf)

Justin W. Flory