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Week 9 - Distro Explorations

31 March 2017

Hi everyone!

Welcome to week 9! This week although we have no offical topic, we will be doing a brief exploration of various distros. With all hope we’ll be able to touch upon your favorites! This will be presented by our very own Pi expert Taylor Bowling.

Unfortunately I will be away this week, but Taylor has very graciously agreed to lead this weeks meetings in my absence.

Raspberry Pis!

Next week, Wednesday, April 5th at 6:30pm (after FOSS hours) there will be a meeting of the Pi group in room 70-2650. We’ll be working on the magic mirror project as well as demoing the Pi Touch Screen! Please join us to have some fun with Pis!

FOSS Hours!

And lastly, don’t forget about FOSS hours every Wednesday from 4pm-6pm in GOL-2500! It’s a great time to network, get help, or just relax with FOSSy/RITlug friends.

This isn’t limited to FOSS, RITlug members are welcome and encouraged to join.


  • Time/date: Friday, March 31th, 2016, 4pm - 6pm (GOL/70-2520)
  • Talk: Distro Exploration


  • Pi Group: Wednesday, April 5th 6:30pm - 7:30pm (GOL/70-2650)

Don’t forget!

You can find RITlug this year in a variety of places, but the best ways to keep in touch with the club are via our Telegram group and/or the IRC channel. The bridge bot between the two keeps the chats synchronized nicely. The conversations are active every day and there’s all kinds of interesting discussion happening on a wide variety of topics, from Linux to software to professional work and co-op advice. You can also find us on Facebook as well.

  • Website:
  • Telegram:
  • IRC:
  • The Link:
  • Facebook:

If you join, make sure to say hello and let us know you’re here!

Also, to ensure you receive the latest news from RITlug, make sure you’re a member of our group on The Link. This is the best way to ensure you receive future updates from the club!

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Stay Free,

  • Solomon Rubin (Serubin)

Solomon Rubin