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Week 2 - The Importance of Backups

01 February 2017

Hi hi hi RITlugites!

We have a fun, scary, and somewhat amusing talk for this week: The Importance of Backups, and what happens when they fail. As we all know, backups are extremely important if you care about your data. We’ve all been in the awkward and potentially devastating situation of losing our data. We’ll be looking at ways to keep our data safe and also at stories of what happens when all goes wrong.

Additionally, we have a lot of exciting thigns coming up quick! I teased about several projects and upcoming events. This week we’ll have the chance to talk more in depth about ImagineRIT, *Hack, and other events coming up.

Lastly, I hope everyone’s first week of classes was good and that everyone is excited for their semesters!

As always I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!

Don’t forget about FOSS hours every wednesday from 4pm-6pm in GOL-2500! It’s a great time to network, get help, or just relax with FOSSy friends.

= = = tl;dr = = =

  • Time/date: Friday, Febuary . 3th, 2016, 4pm - 6pm (GOL/70-2620)
  • Talk: The Importance of Backups!

= = = Don’t forget! = = =

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May your data be safe and in three places,

  • Solomon Rubin (Serubin)

Solomon Rubin