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Spring Week 15: Last meeting of the year

12 May 2016

Welcome to Week 15, RITluggers. Hope you’re surviving the final week of classes!

As a friendly reminder, we also have a few more ways that you can get involved with RITlug! We set up a bridge between our IRC channel and our new Telegram group. Here’s the links for all of them if you want to join us!

  • Facebook:
  • Telegram:
  • IRC:

With this being the last week before finals, we’ve decided this week’s meeting will be an open floor for the full two hours. Lightning talks are also welcome! If you have a “hot new thing” you want to present on in five minutes or less, there’s never been a better time for it. Otherwise, we will be open to discussion and working on a variety of mixed topics in the meeting.

As usual, the floor will be open to more discussion about other FOSS topics, Q&A, technical help, and time to dig in to any other projects you want to share. If you have a cool project or know about something awesome in the FOSS world, let us know if you want to give a talk! We’d love to learn about it.

One additional reminder: this is the last RITlug meeting of the year! We will not be meeting next week due to finals and the fact that most people will be traveling. Come say goodbyes and send best wishes to this year’s Eboard as they graduate and head out from RIT this year!

Justin W. Flory