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Spring Week 12: Minecraft and Spigot

22 April 2016

Happy Friday, RITluggers!

This week Justin will be giving a talk about creating a Minecraft server using the open source Spigot server software. We’ll show you how to compile Spigot, set up an environment on a remote server, and how to configure and set up the basics.

If you’ve ever wanted to host a Minecraft server with your friends or try building a community, this is a great opportunity to learn how Linux enables you to easily deploy a Minecraft server or network of servers.

As a reminder, elections will be held this week. If you’re interested in running for next year’s eboard, fill out You must have regularly attended meetings this semester to be eligible to run. We currently have nominations for president and vice president but none for secretary or treasurer (though you can of course run for any position).

As usual, for the remainder of the meeting after the presentation we’ll open the floor to any further discussion on today’s topic or other FOSS topics, Q and A, technical help, and give you time to get your hands dirty. If you have a cool project, know about something in the FOSS world that’s super cool, or find a project or topic you’d like to hear more about, let us know! We’d love to learn about it.

Mark Repka