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Spring Week 7: Tmux and Screen

10 March 2016

Hey there, RITluggers!

This week we’ll talk about how to use your terminal more efficiently. Two of the most commonly used tools to help you with this are tmux and screen.

Tmux is an application that allows a user to access multiple separate terminal sessions inside a single terminal window or remote terminal session. It is useful for dealing with multiple programs from a command-line interface, and for separating programs from the Unix shell that started the program. The main alternative to this is Screen, which provides most of the same benefits and features but with some different key binds.

As usual, for the remainder of the meeting after the presentation we’ll open the floor to any further discussion on today’s topic or other FOSS topics, Q and A, technical help, and give you time to get your hands dirty.

If you have a cool project, know about something in the FOSS world that’s super cool, or find a project or topic you’d like to hear more about, let us know! We’d love to learn about it.

Mark Repka