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Week 8 Meeting (Imagine RIT)

20 March 2015

Hi, everyone! As usual, this week’s meeting is Friday from 4–6 in GOL/70-2520, the small database lab on the second floor. If you can only attend part of the meeting, don’t be afraid to show up halfway through!

Imagine RIT is just around the corner on May 2nd! We’re going to set up an exhibit this year as we always do, and we’re going to be showing off another tableful of computers which all run Linux. This week, we’re going to spend the time to talk more about some of the things that we want to show off at this year’s exhibit.

If you’re a current student who’s either active with RITlug or wants to be, let us know before April 1st and you can officially help out with the event, which gets you a free T-shirt and either Dinosaur BBQ or 7$ of food debit for lunch. If you don’t tell us before the 1st of April, or if you’re not a current student, you can still help out, but you won’t get any of the cool free stuff.

We hope to see you at this week’s meeting! We won’t be having a meeting next week, so, if you can’t come this week, have a good break!

Claire Charron