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Week 3 Meeting (i3)

13 February 2015

Hi, everyone! As usual, this week’s meeting is Friday from 4–6 in GOL/70-2520, the small database lab on the second floor. If you can only attend part of the meeting, don’t be afraid to show up halfway through!

I hope that you all had fun at the meeting last week! This week’s meeting will be our first presentation of the semester, where Mark Repka will discuss some of the cool things about i3, a tiling window manager.

Most of us are used to stacking window managers, where windows on a screen are moved around, resized, and stacked with the mouse. Tiling window managers rearrange windows that we open on a grid-like layout, making sure that windows don’t overlap. You’d think that the former would be more powerful, but maybe this presentation will change your mind!

The presentation will be about an hour long, and the remaining hour of the meeting will be left open to socialise. If you’re looking to install Linux on your laptop, or start using i3, we’re here to help!

We hope to see you at this week’s meeting!

UPDATE: You can view this meeting’s slides at slides.

Claire Charron