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Week 15 Meeting

05 December 2014

Hello, everyone! This Friday, to celebrate our members of RITlug who will be done with classes after this semester, we’re going to spend the meeting time to go out and get dinner together at a location off-campus.

Instead of holding the regular meeting, we’re going to meet up in GOL/70-2520 at 4 PM, figure out where we want to go for food, then head out around 4:15–4:30. If you don’t have a car, a few members have already offered to provide transportation to and from campus. We’ll probably try to be back on campus by 6, but if you have other plans for later, be sure to let us know!

This will be our last meeting for the semester, because on next Friday, some of us will be taking finals. For those of us who still have classes next semester, meetings will be at the same time in the same place every week.

We hope to see you this week, and if not, good luck on finals and have a wonderful break!

Claire Charron